Train Travel

Taking a Train Travel Vacation

Train travel is an affordable and fast means of transportation to this day, despite the dominance of the car and the airplane in the United States. Traveling by train can be a great way to reach your vacation destination. Train travel can even be a vacation all on its own, so nice are the accomodations. Amtrak has several routes through the United States that pass beautiful landmarks such as the Grand Canyon and the Rocky Mountains.

Taking a trip by train may be more relaxing than you ever could have imagined. Amtrak trains feature excellent meals throughout the day, comfortable reclining seats, and even entire rooms that can be rented out for a truly hotel like experience. Best of all, it's like being in a hotel without ever having to stop and pay to stay somewhere expensive overnight.

Train travel is an excellent way to meet new people as well. Those that travel by train tend to be more relaxed and willing to talk about themselves and their experiences. Train travel is also a great way to take in the sights of America. When you're traveling by train you don't have to worry about driving the car, and you can actually see the countryside instead of flying above the clouds in a plane.

When you are preparing for your trip, try to pack as efficiently as possible. If you are traveling by train for the sightseeing, be sure to bring along some binoculars. Other items that are a good idea to bring along for train travel are pillows, some snacks, and earplugs. You may also want to bring along something for entertainment as well, such as a book. Also be sure to bring along enough cash as well, because Amtrak does not provide any means of getting cash onboard.

Amtrak offers some excellent deals on train travel packages. For all the latest information in full, consider picking up the Amtrak America - Your Travel Guide to Amtrak Routes and Services brochure. The brochure contains information about all of Amtrak's routes, diagrams of the trains, and pricing info. Amtrak also does group reservations, so check into that if you are going to be making a trip with 15 or more people.

For a full train travel package, you can also contact Amtrak Vacations, which is operated by a private travel agency on Amtrak's behalf. Amtrak Vacations often offers packages that include the train fare, hotel lodging, rental car, and even travel insurance. If you want to take a long vacation and see as much of America as possible, look into the many rail pass plans that Amtrak offers. The rail passes can offer outstanding savings, and are probably the best way to see America at your own pace.

If you are going on a longer train trip and staying in a roomette, it is probably a good idea to tip the sleeping car attendant. The sleeping car attendant is responsible for changing the configuration of your room every day and for general maintenance of the room. This is the attendant you will most likely interact with the most. Although tipping is not generally required on a train, it is considered good practice to reward excellent service. $20 is usually a good tip for a sleeping car attendant at the end of a trip, if the service was good.

Train travel can be a fun and exciting way to see America up close. Pack appropriately for train travel and be prepared for a relaxing trip, and you should have a great time. Amtrak also offers some of the cheapest means of seeing the country that you can find, so be sure to research some of these opportunities that are offered.